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KHEL - SUMMER CAMP 2023 ( Click here for more details)

Bright Yet Anti Glare

Our sports facility features well-lit, anti-glare design indoor courts that enhance visibility and minimize reflections and glare, ensuring the player’s focus and concentration during intense matches.

High Ceiling Courts

Our sports facility boasts high-ceiling indoor courts, providing ample space for players to unleash their full potential with high serves and jumps. It promotes good air circulation, ensuring players can play comfortably for extended periods.

Corporate Events

We offer the perfect opportunity for corporates to engage in team-building and promote a healthy work-life balance. With various indoor sports facilities available, we welcome corporates to come experience KHEL.


KHEL offers comprehensive badminton coaching programs for kids led by experienced coaches prioritizing skill development and fun. With a focus on building a solid foundation, our coaching program ensures that kids of all ages and skill levels can improve their game and enjoy the sport.