Badminton Training

Beginner LevelIntermediate LevelAdvanced Level
Semi-private (
max 2 )
$40/hr $42/hr $45/hr

Private lessons are a way to work on the specific needs of the student(s)
Full Assessment: If your child wishes to join our team training but are unsure of which session
they are most suitable for, you can have them assessed to ensure they join the proper team
Terms and Conditions:

  1. Group lessons are limited to a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players per session
  2. Each group lesson is 90 min in length
  3. Group lessons are purchased in a package of 10
  4. All group lessons must be prepaid to reserve a spot in the available group
  5. All lessons must be completed within the 10 week period. No further extensions are provided
  6. All make-ups within the time period must be pre-arranged 12 hours in advance via email to or call to 905-839-0090
  7. No-show lessons will not be considered for a make-up.
  8. Coaches may fill in for each other at any time if the assigned coach is not available
  9. All lesson fees are non-refundable
  10. Lessons must be taken in continuation

Register :

Discounts : We are offering 20 % discount if a package of 10 sessions was taken .

Note : The participant must dress in appropriate athletic wear, bring their own badminton racket,
bring their own water to drink,and bring gum-soled badminton shoes ( non marking) upon entering the facility. Outdoor shoes or non-badminton shoes (e.g., running, gym, soccer, non-marking, basketball, etc.) are not permitted.

Rental Shoes /rackets are available for a $5 CAD one time fee per each session

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